How many…??

I used this enjoyable activity in the classroom. Then,i wanted students to write the things they have at home. We played it again. They asked about the real things they have in the kitchen. So, they use the words in real life. That makes words and numbers memorable.

Öğretmen güncesi

Meehabalaar. Uzun bi aradan sonra ancak böyle bi giriş paklar beni 😊 sahalara geri döndüm. Araya bi bebek sığdırarak. Anne olunca insan değişiyormus. Tıpkı üniversiteli olunca evlenince öğretmen olunca sevince değiştiği gibi. Allah ne güzel yaratmış bu kullarını. Hep bi motivasyon hep bi motivasyon. 😉 Ben ki kendimi bildim bileli okula gidiyorum. Ve her yıl…

Save the world ecology system!! 

It is one of the most enjoyable topic for me. You can adapt this topic to various activities. I found a new worksheet about ecology.

What a story!!! (dictation activity)

Put students into pairs. Give one student a copy of the Student A sheet and the other a copy of the Student B sheet. Tell students they each have half of a complete passage, and that they must dictate their phrases to each other in order to complete the passage. Make sure students do not…

Doctor-patient worksheet

Divide the class into two groups, doctors and patients. Give the doctors Sheet A and patients Sheet B. Give patients some time to think of a health problem and how it happened, and complete the notes. Then tell patients to seek the advice of three doctors. They must explain their health problem and the reason…

Yummy breakfast

After we studied on everyday activities, we learned about the breakfast. We should teach our students that breakfast is very important for people. It became enjoyable when we brought breakfast things to the classroom. They made  conversations about breakfast while they were eating them 😅 I ate while listening to them 🙊

Order the words!!

I don’t like giving grammar points directly. So we played a game about everyday activities 🙂 It was enjoyable. Students prepared some cards according to everyday activities. Then, they show them to the class. Other students try to make a sentence with these words. Here are the photos!!

James and The Giant Peach

JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH  by Ronald Dahl I have talked about the importance of stories before. I thought I had to start with the story that we worked on it in the university because I really really like it : James and The Giant Peach. You can apply  many CLIL activities on this story. You can…